Give your printed brochures impact with digital embossing

Digital Embossing is the new print sensation. With this new fantastic innovation printed brochures become three-dimensional and infinitely more compelling, giving huge scope for creativity.

This new process adds a raised, high gloss layer to selected areas of a printed sheet. The effect is brilliant – it looks similar to gloss UV varnish, but better because it has a higher lift which gives an embossed effect.

Also, because this is a digital print process the effect can be applied to both high and low volume print projects.

The image below illustrates the highlighted glossy areas of the image, which have a raised texture when you touch it. The small circles on the ball are raised so that the print has the same texture as a real basketball and the water droplets are raised to give the effect of water on the page.

Digital Embossing

Digital Embossing can be used to enhance the majority of coated papers and cards and to all laminated products. It is most effective when applied to thicker materials.

Whilst Digital Embossing is applicable to either gloss or matt lamination it is most effective over matt, where the contrast between the laminate and the emboss is striking.

Digital Embossing is an environmentally friendly process. It produces no harmful waste products and uses small amounts of power in production.

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