The Power of Print –
How traditional marketing tools can maximise sales

In an increasingly digital age, does print still have a place when it comes to promoting your business and services? Whilst many businesses have shifted their marketing focus to the Internet, is printed media still relevant?

It’s clear that a strong online presence with compelling design is crucial to any business, but the most effective sales and marketing campaigns use a combination of both online and offline tactics.

Print can often be overlooked, but its tangible aspects still make it a powerful marketing tool.

Brochure design for Northampton NAR Group

Why is print important?

Print creates a lasting impression that customers can pick-up, absorb and take away. It will physically sit on a prospect’s desk or in their home reminding them to take action.

People are prepared to read more in-depth information in printed material, whereas online we scan information and digest snippets.

With creative graphic design, impressive papers and print finishes, printed collateral such as company brochures, leaflets and stationery can be used to differentiate a company, as well as reinforce its brand.

Seven ways that print can increase sales

  1. Follow up on your enquiries and sales calls by mailing out a sales brochure. This will add more value to your offering and help you be remembered – especially if you are selling a product / service of significant value when a premium service is expected.
  2. Does your business involve face-to-face personal selling? Offering prospective clients a brochure and business card at each meeting will help reinforce your message and leave a lasting, professional and credible impression.
  3. If your company exhibits at trade shows, hand out leaflets or brochures to interested visitors. Also, think about making your information different to your competitors. We can advise you on eye-catching ideas for your printed material that people will remember and help you stand out against the rest.
  4. Direct mail is becoming popular again. Why? Because there’s less of it these days, so it’s actually a novelty for something as simple as a postcard to arrive on your desk.
  5. Impressive stationery creates a great first impression, from being given a business card at an initial meeting through to ongoing correspondence with an interesting message.
  6. Make an impact with large format print, such as banner stands displayed in strategic places that help cross-sell other products and services.
  7. Consider door-drop leaflets; they offer a great way to reach a specific area when you are trying to reach home owners.
Harborough Kitchens brochure
Flyers for Balance Health Club
Brochure design for Harniss
Annual Report design for Oxford Instruments

There is no doubt that digital tools are essential and highly effective, but using a combination of print and digital as part of your promotional mix can generate a greater overall response and maximise your sales.

If you would like to know more, talk to us today on 01604 654222 and we can help you create beautifully designed print with professionally written content that will create a lasting impression.